Adult Day Care

Elderly group homes can be a wonderful place for older loved ones to receive the care they need while also forming meaningful connections with other people their age. At Journey Senior Living our approach to elderly care is that people should not be inhibited in their day-to-day lives. Rather, they should be guided through every day activities in a way that helps them maintain their independence while also ensuring their safety and well-being.


Journey Senior Living staff members are here for you and your loved ones. We know the decision to choose a group home for adults can be stressful, and we’re confident you will feel secure placing your relative in Journey Senior Living’s care. Our facilities are designed to provide for all our residents’ essential needs, while the nature of an elderly group home allows for socialization through activities and events. This is a place where your loved one can be happy, safe and secure allowing your family peace of mind.

Our Adult Day Care is available 24-hours a day with a four hour minimum stay. All participants will be assessed by the nursing staff upon arrival of each stay. Those who take advantage of our Adult Day Care program will receive the same services and amenities as our full-time residents.

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